Thank you so much for joining us for Spring Family Weekend!

Fall Family Weekend will be November 11th - 13th, 2022. We hope to see you there!




We are so excited to host families on campus again this year!

We will provide some options and events to choose from, some of which have a pre-registration or other requirements, but there is no registration for family weekends overall.  Your plans are up to you!


 Masks Welcome, But Not Required

In alignment with state and county policies, masks are not required. You are welcome to continue to wear a mask, and this policy may be subject to change based on the state of COVID-19 in Oregon and Benton County.


  Proof of vaccination no longer required for indoor events

The university does not currently require proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend indoor or outdoor events. As is the case with all public health measures required by OSU, if conditions change, we may consider restoring this requirement in the future.