• Final transcripts will need to be submitted from your student’s previous institution to the Office of Admissions to have courses transferred. If your student has questions about what classes may transfer to Oregon State they can also use our course equivalencies page 
  • Students should apply for on-campus housing or look for off-campus housing as soon as possible. Information can be found through University Housing and Dining Services' Second Year and Above Housing
  • For more information please see the Office of Admission’s Transfer Student FAQs 


  • Understand there will be an adjustment period. Your student may be experiencing a drop in their average GPA and may be less involved in clubs and organizations and we refer to this transitional time as transfer student shock. 
    • Students will be adjusting to a new community, OSU applicable language and terminology, and systems.
    • Students transferring from a small four-year college or community college might notice a difference in classroom sizes. Many of OSU’s 100-200 level classes are in large lecture halls of 100-300 students.
    • For students transferring from a semester school, OSU is on the quarter (term) system. Transitioning from 16 to 10 weeks can feel very hectic at first. Our campus refers to everything in relation to which week in the term it is (ex: week 1, week 2, etc.). It also means on average midterms can take place between the third and seventh week in the term.
  • This may be a new transition for you too. Maybe this is the first time your student has been away from home and your family system is also adjusting to this.


  • Recommend your student check out many of the resources available specifically to transfer students:
    • Transfer Student Living Room: Located on the first floor of Halsell Residence Hall, this is a spot for any transfer student (regardless of if you live on- or off-campus) to hang out, study or relax between classes. The living room includes a microwave/mini fridge and a stovetop with an oven, so students can bring food from home to eat here.
  • There are a multitude of academic success resources at OSU, these include:
    • Academic Coaching: One-on-one appointments with a peer coach to discuss student strategies, time management, etc. Can meet once or on an ongoing basis. 
    • Supplemental Instruction: Collaborative, small study groups led a peer who has had success in the class. Specific classes supported. 
    • Undergrad Research & Writing Studio: Meet one-on-one with a writing assistance at any stage of the writing process. 
    • Tutoring Services: Assistance with Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics. Website includes schedule and specific locations.
    • Learning Corner: A website devoted to videos and information that provides assistance with study skills, test-taking skills, time management, stress management, motivation, etc. 
    • Math Learning Center: Drop-in tutoring and resources. Located in 108 Kidder Hall.