We're so excited you'll be joining us on campus and in Corvallis for family weekend! With many events happening concurrently on campus during the weekend, we encourage everyone to consider these transportation options:


Corvallis Transit System – Free 

CTS is free for anyone to ride in the city of Corvallis. Use Google Maps to plug in your start and end points, and it will tell you where the closest bus stop is located and how many stops you need to take to get to your destination.


Beaver Bus – Free

Ride the Beaver Bus on campus to get where you need to go. With stops every 15 minutes, you won’t need a car once you’re here. All buses are ADA accessible.


Ride a Bike

Ride a bike to campus, or check one out from the Pedal Corvallis Bikeshare! With the Pay as you Go plan for $1 per 30 minutes, it’s an easy way to get around campus or Corvallis. With 4 stations on campus and 6 more in the city, take a leisurely ride through our bike-friendly town! 



Share the ride and go sustainably to campus! If you’re planning on driving to campus, consider carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint and ease congestion on campus.


Parking – Friday, November 8

Parking will be limited on Friday, November 8, for the football game. Tow zones will be in effect – learn more about where to park online.

Contact Transportation Services for information about parking permits.


Football Gameday

If you are planning on attending the game, you may need to pay for parking for the game. Information about parking for the football game is available on the OSU Athletics website. Fees vary by location.