Even though a student has completed their first year at Oregon State, there are still a variety of transitions and things that arise for students. Our hope is that as students continue their time here at Oregon State they begin to establish their own network of support within the university.  There are many ways that this can evolve and transform over time. They may start getting more involved with a club or organization within their major, research, or their job (especially if they are working on campus). 

Tips for Success

  • At this point they are probably fully expressing their independence, but you will find they will usually still reach out for assistance.  National research shows that communication is at its highest between student and family during their first and last year in University and this is large in part because there are major life transitions happening in those years.
  • Allow them financial independence. Even if you are paying the bill, there are avenues where they can be mostly in control of their daily living, so that they begin to learn those life skills.
  • Exploration is normal. Students may have always thought they wanted to be a certain major and after a year or so in that major they may have been exposed to a new path or ideas that takes them by surprise and are wanting to explore more.  OSU has over 200 undergraduate majors and this exploration is totally normally. Our University Exploratory Studies Program can even be a landing spot for students who would traditionally be "undeclared."  They meet with advisors quarterly to make sure they stay on track with taking classes that count, but also find avenues to further explore their interest.  Another great resource for exploration is our Career Development Center.
  • Jobs, internships, study abroad, externship, etc. Students will and should start seeking experiences in a field that they may desire to work.  It is never to early to begin networking and gaining experiences.  Many of the academic colleges have dedicated career counselors through the Career Development Center that can help students start making these connections.